I’m a french director and cinematographer based in Paris.
I left school at 18 to go film in the street, armed with a video camera bought on my scholarship money.
Few years later, I was traveling the world to follow some of the best skateboarders on the planet. 
As my hunger for movies grew, munching the one for skateboard, I transitionned into documenting anyone with an interesting story.
I also shoot photos and I’m still confused on why people refer to themselves in third person on their website. 

Clients : Nike, Adidas, Vans, Carhartt, Palace, Element, Hermes, COS, Arnette,
Fishing lines worldwide, Lakai, Globe, Redbull, Monster energy, Burn,
Independant trucks, Spitfire, Titus, Blind, Volcom, Film trucks, Habitat skateboards, 
Sosh, Dakine, Nozbone skateshop...

Editorial: Thrasher Magazine, Free skatemag, Sugar magazine, Solo, DPY,
The Face, Vogue, Beach brother, Vague, Grey, Irregular, VHS, Place,
Bitchslap, Slider, A brief Glance, A propos, Desillusion, Kingpin, Soma...

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